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Navigating Negotiations: What Buyers Can Bargain for in Today's Real Estate Market

In today's dynamic real estate market, buyers hold more negotiation power than ever before. With fluctuating trends and evolving seller motivations, there's ample opportunity for savvy buyers to secure a favorable deal. As a diligent...


By Ashley R Al Hajeri

02-23-2024 02:20:47 CST

Finding the Right Roof Contractor - Hannah Lamz

When customers are searching for a roofing contractor, they typically have several concerns at the forefront of their minds.


By Hannah Lamz

02-15-2024 09:52:34 CST

Buying a Home in 2024: New vs. Resale

The verdict is in, and the market is back.  Are you one of the millions of Americans who held off buying your new home in 2023 because of interest rates?


By Jason Hamilton

02-13-2024 08:40:01 CST

02-13-2024 12:54:57 CST

5 Simple Valentine's Day Craft Ideas to Make with Kids - Hannah Lamz

Valentine's Day is not only a celebration of love between partners, but it's also an opportunity to spread love and joy to family and friends, including the little ones in our lives.


By Hannah Lamz

02-10-2024 05:06:55 CST

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