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MEGA MONSTERS The Class of MEGA 10 - September 2022

Big changes to my mindset, drive and vision for the future.

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MEGA-10 is currently in session and I am feeling confident.  I have never experienced such detailed instruction on every moving part of each type of real estate transaction.  There is no room for distraction while in MEGA because everything I learn I try to commit to memory.  Jack and Leisa have perfected the methodology and theory behind what we do and how we do it while sticking to our Code of Ethics and Mission Statement.  This company was built by two people, both with a heart of GOLD willing to share their knowledge through experience with their agents. 

When Lauren Ormsbee first told me about Realty Texas I thought she was kidding, that there was NO WAY a company like this one fact, I was about to get out of being an agent all together before she and I met. Well, I reached out and was lucky enough to interview with Leisa Ormsby and got hired. 

My Realty Texas coworkers are like family to me and I am just SO thankful my journey in life lead to my place here.   I like following rules and doing everything correctly in my life, so this Realty Texas Agency is a great fit for me.


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