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Best Suburbs in Austin Texas [ Where is Pflugerville Texas ]

Which suburbs are the best suburbs in Austin Texas? Today we take a look at one of the best cities near Austin and do a deeper dive into one of the premier subdivisions

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Which suburbs are the best suburbs in Austin Texas? That is a question I get a lot. So if that's you and you are wondering where to live in Austin I would encourage you to check out Pflugerville Texas.  Where is Pflugerville Texas you ask. Well it is one of the cities near Austin Texas and is considered one of the best suburbs in the Austin Texas area. Today we do a bit of a deeper dive and will check out arguably the best subdivision in Pflugerville called Blackhawk.

Located just to the north of Austin on the east side and just east of Round Rock, Pflugerville is truly a gem of a location and if you are moving to Austin you should strongly consider Blackhawk as a subdivision to check out. 

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