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Being a New Real Estate Agent in Austin, TX

I'm Kayleen Reyes, Austin REALTOR®

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As a new real estate agent in Austin, Texas, I am excited to embark on this career path in such a dynamic and growing market. I know it won't be easy, but I'm eager to take on this challenge and build a successful business.

One of the first things I did was get a real estate license by completing the pre-licensing course and passing the state and national exam. However, getting a license is only the beginning. I shall continue my education and training to stay on top of the latest industry trends and best practices.

Building my network is also a top priority. I've reached out to those closest to me to talk about my new career and ask for any referrals they may be able to provide. I also will be attending networking events and conferences to meet other professionals in the industry. Joining the local association, Austin Board of REALTORS®, has been a great way to connect with other realtors and stay up to date on what was happening in the local market.

As a new agent, I know technology is essential to success in this industry. I am committed to creating a user-friendly website that showcases my properties and services. I am also utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business to promote myself and connect with potential clients. And with offering virtual tours, I am able to give clients a great way to get a comprehensive view without having to visit the property in person.

Focusing on my niche is also important. I am open to working with a wide variety of clients and properties, but I know that delving into a particular area of ​​expertise can help set one apart from its competitors. Whether I'm working with first-time homebuyers or experienced sellers, I am dedicated to expanding my knowledge and skills in my chosen niche.

Finally, I know that being proactive and persistent is fundamental to success in this industry. Breaking through the wall of anxiety to pick up the phone to call leads is a major hurdle that I must overcome. But I won't let this stop me from being responsive and following up on potential clients. By maintaining a schedule, I can always manage my time to reach out to potential business.

Overall, being a new realtor in Austin, Texas is exciting and rewarding. However, I am confident that my commitment will allow me to build a successful business in this vibrant market.


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