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BACK -TO-SCHOOL : Preparing your household for getting back on a routine!

As the summer break draws to a close, it's time to gear up for the new school year ahead. A little prep and planning, can ensure a smooth and successful transition for your kids. Here are some valuable tips to help you get started:

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  • Re-establish a Routine: During the laid-back days of summer, routines are set aside.. As the school year approaches, gradually reintroduce a consistent schedule for meals, bedtime, and wake-up times. This will help your child readjust to the school routine and minimize morning struggles when the academic year begins..


  • Talk about School:  First day jitters are natural.  We all have them. Engage your child in conversations about school, asking them about their expectations, fears, and any concerns they might have. Encourage open communication, and address any worries they express with empathy and reassurance. Highlight the positive aspects of school, such as reuniting with friends and engaging in exciting activities.. Share your memories of your time in whatever grade your student is starting. Let your child see that you were once their age and experienced similar situations, feelings, & fun times!  

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  • Arrange a School Visit:  If your child is transitioning to a new school  because your moved to a new city/town, school district or entering kindergarten, arrange a visit to the school before the first day and familiarize them with the school environment can ease anxiety and make the first day less intimidating. Attend Back to School or Meet the Teacher event so your student can walk the halls, find their classroom(s),lockers, meet classmates, etc.  These events are also a great time to meet other parents, parents to meet the teachers, become involved in your students class or school by volunteering. 

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  • Shop for School Supplies Together: Involve your child in selecting their school supplies and backpack as much as possible. Letting them make choices empowers them and builds excitement for the upcoming academic year. Be sure to check your schools requirements on types of backpacks allowed.  Many schools have gone to only allowing clear backpacks.  Encourage Reading: Cultivate a love for reading by setting aside time for reading together. Visit the library or explore age-appropriate books to pique your child's interest in different topics.  Practice Organizational Skills: Help your child organize their school supplies and create a designated study area at home. Now is a great time for them to clean up their room and organize their study areas.  Teach them how to use folders or binders to keep track of assignments and materials.  Fostering a Positive Attitude  when showing how a positive attitude towards school and learning can make learning new things fun.  Show them how learning fractions  and algebraic equations WILL BE used in every day life.  Show enthusiasm for their accomplishments, no matter how small, and encourage them to embrace challenges as opportunities to grow.   Manage Technology Usage: Set boundaries for screen time and video games, especially during the school week. Limiting distractions from electronic devices can help your child stay focused on academics. 

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You can help your child confidently step into the new academic year, ready to embrace learning, friendship, and individual growth. Remember that each journey is unique, so keep your approach to your child's specific needs and preferences.  You will have your house back in no time once routine is re- established! 

Here's to a successful and rewarding school year ahead!


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