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New to the Reel Game

To be honest, social media has never been my strong suit. I've deleted and created accounts multiple times on different platforms just because I felt like it. But it's a little bit different now. With social media being one of the best ways to draw in new clients, I've had to adjust to posting more.

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From the day I had orientation with my brokerage, our social media manager really emphasized the use of social media (shocker). Why? Obviously because it's content that can be dished out and consumed frequently in this fast paced world. And I agree. I think that one way of gaining clients is pushing your product online. Still, it has been a challenge for me. Even though we're all chronically online, I'm one of those that prefers to watch things happen from the sidelines.

Now how am I supposed to get clients by scrolling and not posting? Simple, I DONT. Womp womp.

So today I took a leap of faith and decided to record snippets of my little trip to target (I ran out of deodorant) to make a reel. Turns out it was the highlight of my day. I haven't posted it yet, it's just sitting in my drafts (I say yet very loosely as I am not sure I will post it). It's just a silly little video and every time I watch it I can't stop giggling. Maybe I will post it.

It's always a struggle. 


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