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Skills, Self-Confidence, and Inspiration: The MEGA Combination

MEGA is just the beginning of your real estate success story. Unlike any other real estate education and training out there, MEGA teaches agents how to be the best in the business.

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MEGA starts from the ground up, we talk about living up to the oath we swore: to uphold our REALTOR® Code of Ethics. We then breakdown the components of the mindset of people who have had unbelievable success in our industry. Of course, we proceed into the micro and the macro perspectives about building a business created for YOUR success. We study, then incorporate the most successful techniques for lead conversion, how (and when) to touch your sphere of influence, how to feed your pipeline and so much more! That Unique Value Proposition component is distilled in multiple ways, from multiple perspectives… for good reason!  Remember, because once you KNOW that you’re uniquely qualified to be the best agent possible for your client, you come into each buying or selling opportunity ready to swing for the fences! You will confidently move those opportunities into lead conversion, client conversion and all the way to the closing table! No more secret agents!  You’re converting your leads, letting people know that you’re in the business and aware that you are fully capable of being the agent your client needs!  People are going to come find you!  All of those things moving synergistically along with your online reputation management techniques, to provide a snapshot of who you are: as a person, as an agent… you. 

Our holistic approach also includes exercise because we’re creating sustainability. That’s what this is really all about. You don’t get burned out when you know that what you’re doing matters. You don’t get burned out when you have a system in place that allows you to continue to move forward, knowing that you’re helping people. One of the quotes that Jack Stapleton, our Broker and creator/teacher of MEGA, uses is, "You’ll get what you want when you help enough people." We 100% believe in that.

 We believe that we are here to be of service, period. We all need to find our unique ways of being of service. It all starts with the WHY. Once you know your why, once you know what you value in life and what you can bring that into your job… into your career, everything else falls into line. 

One thing about real estate, we believe in the white picket fence. We believe that we are creating many of our memories, creating our hopes for our futures in our homes. We help people buy the homes that they create entire lives in. People get married, buy a home to live in, have children, raise their children, see them graduate, have them come back with their loves as they repeat the cycle in their own homes.  So much of our lives are tied intrinsically to our homes. It’s the nexus of our lives. We, as agents help our clients live their lives in amazing ways… one home at a time.  Join us for MEGA!!!! 


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