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9 Reasons to Hire a REALTOR®

Did you know that hiring a REALTOR® goes beyond the surface-level of just picking out a home? REALTORS® help their clients navigate through every situation, and strive to give clients the highest satisfaction all while building lasting relationships!

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Here are 9 top reasons why you should hire a REALTOR® to help you buy one of your most important investments.

Free for the Buyer

You may be asking… Do I have to pay my REALTOR®? What do they cost? Well, fun fact! The seller pays a REALTOR®’s commission, not the buyer. To make sure a REALTOR® is a good fit, we recommend interviewing them first. Once you find the right REALTOR® for you, consider them your personal shopper. Who would turn down a free personal shopper?

They Connect You to Resources 

REALTORS® are trained to listen to what you are looking for in your price range. They use resources available through the REALTOR® member tools that could get you in front of that perfect property before it’s too late.

High Ethical Standards

REALTORS® have taken an Oath through the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice to put the client’s best interest first. There is a chance they can lose their license, so they take this very seriously.

Though most builders are reputable, they are NOT governed by those same standards. A “for sale by owner”, beware, a lot of those have gone wrong in too many ways.

They Facilitate all the Ducks in a Row 

REALTORS® help you throughout the home buying process. There are many people involved during the purchase of a home and it is a REALTOR'S® job to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it can.

After closing, a great REALTOR® will check in with you and continue to send you info related to your new home. They will tell you the best ways to keep building that equity on your home.

They are Master Investigators

REALTORS® are trained to be real estate investigators, this is their full-time job. So make sure you hire a full-time REALTOR®. They are highly trained to notice things that most people would overlook and they know how to correctly fill out contracts related to your real estate transaction so that you, the buyer, are protected.

Trained Negotiators

Their job is to help you get the best deal on your time, so that you can start to turn your new house into the perfect home. A good REALTOR® wants you to have a great experience so that you will not only remember them for the next real estate transaction but possibly even refer them to family and friends. That is one of the best compliments you can give to your REALTOR® because those referrals are what keeps their business healthy.

Housing Market Professionals

REALTORS® have their pulse on what is happening in the market at all times. The market is always shifting and history has proven that it is cyclical. Working with someone that understands the market swing will benefit you. They will be able to guide you on how to present your offer to ensure your offer is accepted at a fair market price.


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