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7 Free or Low-Cost Tips for Prepping Your House to Sell

When you make the decision to sell your house, your to-do list instantly gets long and convoluted. Here are a 7 easy ways to get started with the prepping process. Bonus *FREE* downloadable checklist!

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7 Free or Low-Cost Tips for Preparing Your House to Sell

When you make the decision to sell your house, your to-do list instantly gets long and convoluted. Take a deep breath and tackle some of these easy projects to help you get that momentum started! Here are 7 easy ways to get your house ready to sell.

1. House Numbers
This is one quick and low-cost project that has a big impact on the curb appeal of your house. Exchange faded and dated house numbers for some freshly designed digits that will grab the attention of potential buyers. Attention to small details is a subtle indicator that the rest of the house will be just as great.

2. Freshen the Front Porch
Front porches are like the faces of each house on the street. People DO checkout your front porch style as they drive past! Make the most of this first impression by keeping the porch swept, put out a nice door mat, and add a bench with a potted plant or two.

3. Declutter and Depersonalize
Talk about free and impactful! It's such a no-brainer because you are putting your house up for sale in order to move out of it! Get started on the move by packing up family photos and prized collections. Keep it going by tossing out all the unused clutter that has accumulated while you were enjoying life in your home. Potential buyers are turned off by clutter and have trouble envisioning their personal lives in a space filled with reminders of YOUR personal life in the space.

4. Clean
Clean like you've never cleaned before ... or at least like you haven't cleaned in a long time. Kitchens and bathrooms must be absolutely sparkling. For this task, hiring a professional cleaning service is money well spent, as they can steam the tile and stone, clean carpets and get your oven back to like-new condition ... more efficiently than you or I can typically do.

5. Rearrange Furnishings
Look at your rooms with a critical eye to determine how to best show off "the space" with your furniture and accessories. How we live in a space is very different from how we market a space. Take out any furniture that isn't directly serving a purpose, then try new arrangements for what pieces remain. Key tips are to avoid pushing the couch against a wall, strategically hang mirrors to reflect light coming in from a window, and create seating areas that encourage conversation.

6. Organize Closets and Drawers
Crowded conditions in your closets and built-in drawers suggest there is not enough storage. This is a bad signal to send to potential buyers. Avoid this selling mishap by ruthlessly removing anything from drawers and closets that is not absolutely necessary. Then organize what's left in a manner that highlights these storage spaces.

7. Let It Go
Your emotional attachment to your house, that is. I get it! It's your home and you love it! You may not actually *want* to move or sell, but are doing so because it's the best decision for your life. Even if you are excited by the new life-phase that selling will usher in, the emotional attachment you have with your shelter runs deep. Actively acknowledging these challenges while beginning to think of your house as a product instead of a home, will help you detach and prepare for everything coming your way. Selling your home does not mean forgetting the memories of all the good times and meaningful events that occurred there.

I have prepared a "Showing Checklist" and would like to share it with you! It is a brief, yet comprehensive list of to-dos you can complete to display your home in the best possible light. Follow THIS LINK for your free download. 

As a proud Texas REALTOR, I help folks in the Austin & Round Rock, Texas metro area buy, sell, and lease houses, condos and land. I provide a comprehensive list of services to my seller clients. From formulating a profitable pricing strategy and creative marketing plan, to staging advice and professional photos and video, I can help you be prepared for the sale of your beloved house. I will work tirelessly to sell your house in the time frame you desire and for as much money as possible. When you are interviewing agents, will you remember me? I would appreciate the opportunity to interview for the job! Reach me by voice or text at (817) 291-5046 or shoot me an email at 


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