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Is it a good time to be investing in Real estate? So many horror stories in the news about the market, inflation, interest rates, etc. One can help but wonder if now is a good time to invest in Real estate. Well if you are looking at the Austin Texas market the answer is yes but understanding this..

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So the question of whether it's a good or bad time to invest in the Austin real estate market is a big topic. The Austin housing market has been one of the hottest investment markets in the country. Today we are going to discuss what you need to know regarding making the decision to invest or not invest in real estate. Let's look at how crazy the last couple years have been. The last couple years we have seen the following: - unprecedented increase in housing prices - record number of investors buying real estate - lowest interest rates ever seen So it's makes sense that people were investing in real estate, but then June 2022 hit and real estate has slowed to a crawl. Analysts predicted in the spring there would be a slight slow down but did predict anything close to what we are seeing. If you look at the following it could definitely scare you: - Record inflation - strongly rising interest rates - Stocks falling - Housing sales dropping So Why would it be a good time to invest in real estate? Simple; If you take a quick analysis it might make sense: - a year ago investors were easily paying 20 -30% over list prices in multiple bid situations but now there is a good amount of inventory and you can get your investment property at or in some cases below list price (in those cases where the seller/agent overpriced the property) - the rental market remains tight and if you think about it... with interest rates going up and many first time and new home buyers scared and sitting on the sidelines, the rental market looks to remain tight - Traditionally speaking real estate has always been a good long term investment. And if you are a real estate investor you are typically in it for the long term. So it's still a safe place to put your money and watch it grow. - The Austin area will continue to see economic growth unlike many areas in this country. With the recent opening of the Tesla gigafactory, the soon to be open Apple campus, and the under construction $17 billion dollar Samsung plant the economy looks to be strong for years to come. Text/Call me at (512) 783-5678 if I can be of any help to you with real estate investing. And check out my current listing at the following link If you want a solid investment rental in Round Rock Texas (Hottest city just outside of Austin).


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