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How To Access Off-Market Properties

By Candyss Bryant

How do you access off-market properties? First, you need to understand how the hidden real estate market works.


How To Access Off-Market Properties

How do you access off-market properties? First, you need to understand how the hidden real estate market works. The hidden real estate market consists of:

  • Homes for sale that have not yet hit the MLS
  • Homes that may NEVER be listed on the multiple listing service
  • Homes that somehow disappear but are really for sale

This is a big issue in the real estate market. These homes are probably still for sale but YOU don't know about them.  Why? Because they are hiding in the hidden real estate market.  It is important to know and understand that the third-party housing sites you are navigating, like Realtor.com, are syndicated from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  So, the homes that have not hit the MLS yet or are never intended to list on the MLS, are not going to syndicate to third-party sites and therefore will now show up. 

So, how can you find these hidden market homes? The absolute best way is to leverage the CONNECTIONS and professional RELATIONSHIPS of your real estate agent. Capitalize on the power of your real estate agent's network and influence.  Real estate agents spend a lot of time and resources to network with education opportunities, colleagues in a personal brokerage, and colleagues throughout the state of Texas (and around the country). Great real estate agents strive to always understand what is available and what is happening in the marketplace. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to have a direct connection with the seller and makes it more likely you will not be in competition with others. This then opens the whole world up to you.

If you are navigating third-party housing sites and a home disappears, it does not mean the house is no longer for sale. For example, I list my house and it does not sell. As a result, I take the house off the market. This does not mean that if someone calls me and makes an I offer, I would not accept. In fact, I am appreciative of the offer because selling the house was my intention all along.  

It is important to work with a networked real estate professional to help you find the hidden gem in the rough. Listen for more ideas on how you can best understand and tap into the hidden real estate market.


Interested in more tips, tricks, and strategies? Download a copy of my informative buyer's guide to help walk you through your home buying process.  You can also visit my YouTube Channel for a series of videos about how to go about buying your next home.