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Whether you’re looking to learn the best practices for staging your house to sell or the trendiest places for brunch in your town, the Realty Texas blog has something for everyone! We regularly bring our readers valuable content they can use in every aspect of their life.

How to Improve Credit to Buy a House

Whether you are in the market to buy now or you are saving to buy later, it is important to know how credit works on your behalf or against you. Why? One word...INTEREST.


By Candyss Bryant

10-14-2022 05:25:00 CST

BAH Military Increases

Today we have great news! Just last week (September 2022) the Secretary of Defense announced immediate and long-term actions to strengthen the economic security and stability of our service members.


By Candyss Bryant

10-01-2022 02:59:49 CST

Best Suburbs in Austin Texas [ Where is Pflugerville Texas ]

Which suburbs are the best suburbs in Austin Texas? Today we take a look at one of the best cities near Austin and do a deeper dive into one of the premier subdivisions


By Jeffrey L Miller

09-29-2022 05:48:15 CST

Don't Skip Your Home Inspection

Most of the time as a mil spouse or relocation homebuyer you are moving from out of state and may not be aware of certain local environmental concerns in a new geographic area.


By Candyss Bryant

09-24-2022 03:26:58 CST


By Candyss Bryant

09-24-2022 01:14:59 CST

09-22-2022 05:18:12 CST

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