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Does your Brokerage invest in you? If they won't, we will.

At Realty Texas, we understand how important it is for agents to belong to a Brokerage that wholly invests in them. Realty Texas was built on the foundation of "agents first." We are dedicated to crafting our agents into Multi-Million dollar producers with over 200 hours of in-house education, world-class technology that only Realty Texas has, high-quality leads to fill your pipeline, an amazing in-house Marketing Department, as well as continuous support from our Broker, Managers, and Top-Producing agents.


Realty Texas is the
creator of MEGA, a
Master Sales Person
Training Certification.


Realty Texas has
developed world-class,
proprietary agent tools
to simplify your

Quality Leads

Realty Texas invests
millions of dollars
to acquire quality
leads to help keep
your pipeline full and
ultimately help you
grow your business.


Realty Texas’ in-house
Marketing Dept creates
custom marketing
tools using Social
Media, Video, and
Graphics to help
you build your


Realty Texas offers
continuous support,
coaching, and
mentoring from our
Broker, Managers,
and Top Producing

Realty Texas has a proven track record of over 5,000 homes sold and a BILLION in production! Click on the map below to see our transactions.

When you’re part of the Realty Texas family, your success becomes our passion. We offer no start-up or monthly fees, competitive splits, world-class education, including Designation Education, at no cost, and spend millions of dollars on quality leads to help you build a successful business.


Have you heard about MEGA?

Do you want to be a Multi-Million dollar producer and learn the skills of a Master Sales Person? Already producing and want to up your game even more? Realty Texas is the creator of MEGA, a 60-hour Master Sales Person Training Certification. MEGA takes agents on a deep dive into what it takes to succeed in our industry. Whether you’re brand new, or a seasoned agent, MEGA is life-changing. Offered to Realty Texas agents at NO COST, no other brokerage, training, or coaching in the Real Estate profession comes close to the power of MEGA.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What type of support does Realty Texas offer their agents?
Realty Texas has a large staff dedicated to nurturing, educating, and mentoring each and every one of our agents. We have Managers that are assigned to our agents based on their level of experience and are available every day of the week to help guide them through their transactions. They are there to answer quick questions or hold their hand through their first transactions. We treat our agents the same way that we expect our agents to treat their clients; always putting their best interest first. Our staff spends countless hours building systems, training, encouraging, and supporting each agent to help them understand how to master their trade as a REALTOR®. The Realty Texas staff understands that all agents are not at the same level and every situation is different, but that they truly care, equally, about each and every one of our agents, their families and clients. We believe that if our agents are successful then we are also successful.
Realty Texas training is like no other. We have training classes taught by TREC Certified Instructors that produce Multi-Million dollar agents through a series of unique, technical, educational, and professional class material. That also includes classes taught by our own Realty Texas Broker and Managers, that have been Top Producing Agents for Decades. The attention to detail has proven to help Realty Texas agents feel confident in their knowledge of prospecting, conversion, understanding every paragraph of our most used contracts, how to negotiate on behalf of their clients, how to grow their data base to transition into a referral-only agent, among countless other techniques. Realty Texas’ highly trained instructors also teach TREC Certified classes for CE and SAE hours as well as Designations and Certifications. All of this is given to our agents at no cost or at a discounted cost, as we don’t charge instructor fees, allowing us to pass those savings on to our agents.
Realty Texas spends countless hours bringing in leads to give to our agents to help them put money in their pockets and fill their pipeline. Our goal is to help our agents build their data base to 200 or more clients to become a referral agent-which is a great place to be! Realty Texas not only hands leads to our agents, but we also train our agents how to convert those leads, close them, and then follow up to ensure they have a client for life. We also teach our agents how to be good salespeople, whether that is during prospecting, working a lead, or negotiating on behalf of their clients. We even train on how to hold successful open houses. We are passionate about staying ahead of the game with technology, industry information and market trends at the local, state and national levels so we can share that information with our agents, giving them the upper hand against their competition.
Realty Texas Agents love the proprietary technology that helps them save a lot of time. Every tool they need to do their business, every required document, all their transactions, forms, metrics, media, license information, production and much, much more is all in one place- housed in their Agent Dashboard. They love that Realty Texas has a full Marketing Department that has a Creative Director/Graphic Designer, Videographer/Photographer, and Social Media Strategist that create all of our agent branding and media. Our Social Media Strategist onboards and educates agents on how to capitalize their own social media platforms to bring business into them directly, saving them countless unproductive hours behind a computer. The agents love that Realty Texas promotes giving back to the community through food drives, clothing drives, Habitat for Humanity builds, Senior Support, and more. They love that Realty Texas presents client and community appreciation events. Realty Texas Agents love the security of knowing the guarantee of the staff support from our Compliance Department, our Leads Supervisor, our Onboarding and Event Coordinator, our friendly and knowledgeable Managers, our helpful Accounting Staff and our always smiling, warm and friendly Reception Staff. Our passionately dedicated and caring owners, Jack Stapleton and Leisa Ormsbee, strive to make sure that Realty Texas Agents know that each and every one of them is cared for, thought of, believed in, and supported each and every day.
So, what are you waiting for?

Experience true support from a Brokerage, your Managers, and peers. If you crave a healthy work-life balance, a culture that celebrates your success, abundant training opportunities, consistant and maleable education, and state-of-the-art technology that will aid you in your ability to evolve as a successful agent and propel your business toward becoming a Multi-Million dollar producer, Realty Texas is the home for you. We’re handing you the keys to success, so say “YES!” to the address and join the Realty Texas family today.

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